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AC & Associados

We are your business partners, with effective and complete solutions to defend your interests.

Our Origin


The project began in Portugal, extending across borders, through a succession of events and interesting coincidences, which brought together the current members of our team.


This union boosted spontaneous synergies that were consolidated and it quickly became clear the added value that a heterogeneous and international team could leverage with customers who currently represent a challenging and increasingly diversified business reality.


From the beginning we believed that we could make a difference if we accepted the mission of creating the current office.


In 2013, for strategic reasons, we decided to create AC & Associados, intending to assert ourselves as a unified law firm, with different skills, with the assumed technical competence of its lawyers and employees, always basing its conduct on scrupulous respect for ethical and deontological rules.


AC & Associados sustains their approach through preventive law and a natural interaction between Lawyers and Clients, always maintaining a close relationship with our Clients.


Our Ambition


Advising locally, growing internationally with each client.


Despite being recent, our office currently advises operations and important economic groups in several jurisdictions, with our team having a proven know-how and practical knowledge of each local reality in which it operates.


AC & Associados already has representation, through local partners, in the Azores and Madeira Archipelagos, Angola and Brazil, thus expanding its capacity to respond to its clients.



The origin of the office is intimately linked to the people who are part of it.

The reason that led a group of people, with know-how and proven experience in different areas of work and jurisdictions, coming from offices so diverse in their organizational structure, with deeply enriching and distinct experiences, to leave their comfort zone and undertake such an ambitious and innovative project is the firm conviction that, through the interaction and cooperation of our team, we could offer an innovative and high quality service, catered to the needs of each particular client.


Isabel M. Alves

Lawyer | Managing Partner

Founding partner of the law firm ISABEL MARIA ALVES, CATARINA COSTAL & ASSOCIADOS, SP, RL, since 2013.

– Advanced course of specifications 2022 – CEACP

– Public procurement of works and execution of the contract in particular 2022 – CEACP

– Amendment to the CCP and special measures CCP, 2021 – CEACP

– New administrative procedure code course – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2015 - 2016

– Project Management of construction contracts in the IGC (Investments, management and consulting) from 2005 to 2008

– Member of the Bar Association since 1998

– Degree in Law from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, in 1998

Areas of expertise: Public procurement and public works; Construction Contracts; Energy Law; Public and Health Law; Corporate Law; Mergers and Acquisitions; Litigation; Law of Obligations; Contract negotiation; Risk management

Languages: Portuguese and English


Catarina Costal

Lawyer | partner

Founding partner of the law firm ISABEL MARIA ALVES, CATARINA COSTAL & ASSOCIADOS, SP, RL, since 2013.

– Postgraduate in Business Law, at ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, from 2014 to 2016

– Postgraduate in Tax Management, at Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, in 2009

– Member of the Bar Association since 2007

– Degree in Law, at the Faculty of Law, Universidade de Lisboa, 2007

Areas of expertise: Corporate Law; Labor Law; Litigation; Migration – Global Mobility of People; Family and Succession Law; Law of Obligations and Contracts; Insolvency and credit recovery

Languages: Portuguese and English


Augusto Agapito



– Registered with the Bar Association since 2008


– Graduated in Law from the Lusíada University of Lisbon, in 2005

Areas of expertise: Criminal Law; Corporate Law; Labor Law; Migration; Family and Succession Law; Law of Obligations and Contracts; Insolvencies and credit recovery.


Languages: Portuguese and Spanish

Ana Campos



– Graduated UAL, registered with the order since 2000


Areas of activity: Commercial law; Real estate law; Civil right; Family and Successions.


Languages: Portuguese and English

Luisa Palma

Trainee Lawyer


– Course “Public Contracting for Contracts in the Execution Phase”, 2023


– Course “Parts of the Procedure - dTheory to Practice”, 2022


– Course “Changes to the Public Contracts Code”, 2021


– Brief Compliance Course – ELSA, 2021


– Graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon in 2020


Areas of expertise: Public contracting and public works; Construction Contracts; Corporate Law; Criminal Law; Nationality and Migration; Family Law.


Languages: Portuguese and English

Of Counsel:

Mounia Mikou


– Member of the French Bar Association

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Of Counsel:

Rui Andrade


Rui Andrade Lawyer

– Catholic University of Lisbon

Areas of expertise: Specialists in Public Procurement, Public Works and Construction FIDIC and SLC.

Of Counsel:

Dr. Ana Maio

Financial Consultant

– Degree in Financial Management

by ISAG Porto

– Postgraduate degree in accounting, finance and taxation

Areas of expertise: 

Business consultancy and planning; Financial and Tax Analysis.

Of Counsel:

Luís Gomes Rodrigues


Areas of expertise: 

Consultants in the area of Risk Management in the area of public works, construction and public administration; Contract management consultants in the area of construction and public works FIDIC and SLC.


– Public procurement and private works

– Urban and construction law

– Real Estate

– Commercial Law & Mergers and Acquisitions

– Financial Law/Corporate Finance

– Civil law and contract law

– Labor law

– Fiscal right

– Litigation and Arbitration

– Investment and International Projects

– Industry and Infrastructure

– Energy law

– Immigration /Golden Visa 

– Insolvency and PER

– Public companies

– Credit recovery


Social Responsability

We believe in making a difference not only for our customers but also for society as a whole.

At AC & Associados we promote and encourage internal and external educational activities, investing time, money and all our skills to transform the lives of thousands of people across the country. We have actively developed a corporate Social Responsibility policy, contributing to the defense and development of a more just and sustainable society.


Therefore, we have enthusiastically participated in various initiatives and projects in the areas of social development, environmental protection and education. Meanwhile, AC & Associados encourages its employees to get involved in voluntary activities and, in particular, to provide Pro Bono legal advice to various organizations and projects, such as Lawyers with SoulHomeless Christmas LunchMeninos do Rio Christmas Lunch or Dar a Mão  (Private project).

Associação Clandestina


In the resistance to the Estado Novo regime there is a reality that is yet to be told and that is a legacy in the history of Portugal.


AC & Associados on a pro bono basis helps to tell this story, being part of its constituent bodies. This is a project that we are proud to be an active part of, find out more here.

Responsabilidade Social

AC & Associados currently advises relevant economic groups across the world, in different jurisdictions, with a special focus on:

– Lisbon (PT)

– Azores and Madeira (PT)

- Brazil

– Angola

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